Inspired By: Agnihotri Shri Shukdevprasad Gaurishankar Vyas.
Managed By: Agnihotri Krishnaram Gulabram Charitable Trust.  

सर्वेत्र सुखिन: सन्तु सर्वे सन्तु निरामया:|
सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद्दु:खमाप्नुयात्||

May all be Happy! May all people enjoy good health!
May all experience noble things! May none have any sufferings!

A Holy Place

‘Agnihotri’ Shri Krishnaram Gulabram Vyas was the founder of “Shrikrishnashram” at Bolundara, Ta. Modasa, Dist. S.K., Gujarat, India.

In the ashram there are ‘Yagnashala’, botanical Garden, Houses and Land for farming.

The ‘Yagnashala’ has become a sacred place because of ‘Agnihotra’ and the worship of the Lord Agni Narayan/Yagna Narayan

Activities carried out at ShreeKrishnashram

  • Yagna Shala

    In ancient times, every Brahmin was ‘Agnihotri’. The ‘Agnihotri’ may require a house, land for ‘Yagnashala’ and for implanting trees and plants for taking care of cows and for such other things.

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  • Annakshetra

    P.Dadaji’s humanitarian approach was materialized on 11/04/2003, on the holy day of Ram Navami in the form of the new project ’SHRI KRUSHNASHRAM ANNAKSHETRA’.

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  • Vedic Patthshala

    With a view to imparting education and spiritual knowledge to students for making them noble citizens, students are taught in selfless manner in SANSKRIT PATHSHALA.

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Agnihotra Tradition at ShreeKrishnashram


Shri Krishnaram Vyas , The youngest son of Shri Gulabram Vyas , continued the heritage of the last fourteen generations

"Shri Krishnashram" in the village Bolundra was developed by Shri Gaurishankar, the eldest son of ‘Krishnaram Bapaji’.

Shri Shukdevji, the eldest son of Shri Gaurishankarji took initiation as ‘Agnihotri’ along with his wife Pu. Anasuyaji. Read more

Pu. Shukdevji has three sons and one daughter. Pu. Jaiminikumar was the eldest one. ‘Saint of Sabarkantha’.

By the grace and inspiration of the Lord Narayana, Shri Aatreyji, the eldest son of Shri Jaiminikumar took initiation as ‘Agnihotri’.

The trust can serve society at its best with noble goals.